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Loremaster History


Originally, this was a single, private collection that belonged to the elderly Hurrian Magi, Njohi Elomretac. Wishing to share the wealth of his literature, he formed a society of intellectuals who gathered to read study and discuss this knowledge of mankind. Irret and Winspra, his colleagues and friends, promised to keep the collection safe and the group together after his death. Not only was this promise kept, but in the following years the ranks of this group swelled to many times its original size as more individuals came to believe in the ideals of the Magi, Elomretac.


Later, this collection was moved to a safer location, a fortified Keep in the Kingdom of Hurri, near the adjoining borders of the countries of Suguda and Mukhara. Members of this group added their own books to the main collection and this in turn became a library of knowledge and wonderment in its own right. Over the last three centuries, this group has garnered much respect from the Hurrian community with the members themselves being known as great Liberians earning the name of the Lore Masters. Now as the years have passed, it has become a more formal establishment where it has now become something of a public institution and a college of learning including the study of magic. 


The Lore Masters are quite often also called the Keepers of Knowledge, for it is this knowledge that is their quest and their commodity. Based in Corbora, it remains over one hundred members strong; this academic group has a single goal: to collect, preserve and make available to the world all knowledge, for a price. As a result of this philosophy and practice all the knowledge that they have accumulated has come to be referred to in abstract terms as "The Lore".  When organizing this information, all knowledge is either obtained in the form of scrolls or books or converted to this form by the Lore Masters. Then when all information pertaining to these books is catalogued, these books are organized and indexed according to subject and cross referenced against a cost for the access to this knowledge by others. 


Their endless search for knowledge takes many forms: the Lore Masters are always willing to purchase books and pay for accurate accounts from travellers; however, the Lore Masters often go to greater lengths to acquire their Lore. They commonly employ powerful divination magic to answer questions to which answers are not easily obtained. They attend seminars and debates in other cities to gather the latest views and theories on the great mysteries of the world. But often, the Lore Masters will send out representatives on long journeys in order to obtain specific information or verify questionable knowledge.  It has also been known however that on rare occasions, the Lore Masters will plan major quests and several of the Masters themselves will go, accompanied by the Keep Guardians to obtain rare knowledge and artefacts. 


It was on one such journey that one of the Lore Masters greatest acquisitions was found, a dust covered, brown- leather bound book amongst the memorabilia and diaries from a middle class family in the Teragustan province of Rouen, the Compendium Militaria. These artefacts were in fact the belongings of the legendary Agrola Rogus, a general and military tactician, whose service enabled the Teragustan Kingdom to embark on what is now one of the largest empires ever known, calling itself The Imperium of Teragusta, the family, his descendants of many generations.  The Lore Masters translated, amended and added to this, other military doctrines from other parts of the world. The completed works becoming that which was to be the foundation of teachings not only in the renowned Teragustan Military Academy, but other military colleges and schools the world over. 


The following pages are a translation of this work into your own tongue which was originally entitled ‘The Compendium of the Arts and Science’ of Warfare’, but in respect to the many intellectuals, custodians and Lore Masters who worked upon this military accomplishment, it was shortened to simply ‘The Loremaster Compendium’


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-  John R Cattermole, 2001

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